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 Why carbon heater?




A. Incomplete combustion causes oxygen deficiency

    ➜  Extra cost to supply fresh air from outside

B. More ventilation required to deal with carbon dioxide

    ➜ Energy loss.

C. Harmful gases like carbon dioxide induce respiratory diseases

    ➜ Deteriorate livability and deteriorate livability and deter consistent growth

    ➜ Lower poultry production

D. Unavoidable temperature variation within the chicken house since traditional heaters

     cannot radiate or evenly distribute heat

    ➜ Chickens flocking together at the warmer area may deter physical growth or even cause

         death from pressure

    ➜ Weight variation among chickens (inconsistent growth)

E. Long time for pre-heating ➜ Extra cost for fuel.




  Strengths of Carbon Heater

A. No oxygen deficiency (use electricity)

     No need to supply outside fresh but COLD air → Higher heating efficiency

B. No carbon dioxide ➜ No need for extra ventilation

C. No harmful gases ➜ Prevent respiratory disease ➜ Lower chicken mortality rate

     ➜ improve chicken productio

D. Immediate heating on flipping of a switch ➜ No pre-heating ➜ No energy waste

E. Long lifespan and no frequent failures or breakdown ➜ Easy management.

F. Only 5 seconds to exchange carbon lamp ➜ Quick maintenance

G. Easy to move and install ➜ Anywhere and everywhere!

H. Easy control ➜ Simple switch on and off

  I. No gas (or oil) leakage or danger of explosion → Higher safety..

J. 38% Total cost for heating is 38% of using kerosene.





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